Wednesday, January 26, 2011

CINEMATON 4 - Black Swan

Adrian here:

atalie Portman
dances with glamor and style wearing her elegant black ballerina dress and dark feathery make-up. She likes women, she lives with monstrous-of-a-mom stepmother, she is obsess with her role as a Swan Queen, she is Nina Sayers in Darren Aronofsky's recent feature, Black Swan (2010). Darren Aronofsky has experimented with the usage of expressionism in some of his notable features: his debut, Pi (1998), Requiem for a Dream (2000), The Fountain (2006) and Black Swan (2010). Perhaps his greatest strength in making such character-centered films is his ability to use numerous ways to express his character's unusual psychological make-up in ways understandable and comprehensible to mass audiences. Opposed to David Lynch's bottom-of-hell involutions of character's thoughts and dreams, Aronofsky's style relies heavily on camera aesthetics to exaggerate and exemplify their psyche.

The film Black Swan, like its main character, has a confusing stature: it can both hated and loved at the same time. Garnering five Academy Awards Nominations, twelve nominations from BAFTA and numerous wins from many other independent award giving bodies. It received a reputation for being "intense, passionate, and wildly melodramatic." It became one of the most talked about films of 2010: a hot topic on blogs, forums, and youtube. It has amassed a lot of fans and critics. Its universal acclaim has become a phenomenon with the hype is getting bigger and bigger. Surprisingly, local film critics in Manila did not all agree that Black Swan is a cinematic gem.

Hence, CINEMATON 4 gathers these polarized critiques of Black Swan by our local critics, bloggers and cinephiles. Blogathon starts now:


ay 1

Adrian's capsule Review of Black Swan for his TOP 100 Films of 2010 - mixed

Will's capsule review of Black Swan for his TOP 10 Films of 2010 - positive

Dam's full review of Black Swan - positive

Day 2

Manuel Pangaruy's Ang Fight Club at ang Tutu ni Natalie Portman - positive

Day 3

Noel Vera's Swan, The Fighter, The Tourist, Voyage of the Dawn Treader - negative

Princess Kinoc's The Black Swan

Day 4

Epoy's Wasak Film Log on Black Swan (di ko sure kung positive o negative - epoy)

Day 5

Christian Denver Alejo's The Splintered Soul in Black Swan - positive
Etchie Pingol's Black Swan (2010) - positive