Monday, August 15, 2011


In memoriam Alexis Tioseco and Nica Bohinc...

Contributions List:

1 | Patrick Mio Llaguno reviews Quark Henares' Rakenrol (2011) in response to Alexis' wish: "I wish Quark Henares refrains from selling out again, because if he doesn’t, he has the potential to be one of the important ones."

Patrick adds (thru email): "After reading this news article and looking back at this review, it seems rather bittersweet in hindsight that this may [be] the last film we might see from Quark Henares. It's really unfortunate that reality and other pressing matters would intervene in an otherwise promising and colorful career. I just hope he'll find a way to be involved again in the film industry one way or another whether by shepherding new talent in front and/or behind the camera and funding/producing films with good quality concepts. Still, I was still lucky and fortunate enough to see and experience what hopefully wouldn't be his swan song."

2 | Manuel Pangaruy sums up Cinemalaya 2011 in response to Alexis' wish: "I wish Cinemalaya, which, thanks to the media and the government’s press mileage behind it, has a great festive excitement, would actually put their efforts in the service of Philippine cinema, and not their own self-involved attempt to start a micro-industry."

Manuel says: "Tingin ko, hindi naman talaga mapapalawig ang Pinoy indie na kasing lawig ng mainstream, self-involved man o hindi. Malabo ito lalo na sa socio-economic na estado ng bansa. Sa dulo, walang common Pinoy ang gagastos sa sine na walang masyadong artistang sikat, hindi nakakatawa at may shaky camera work ang susugal kumalam ang tiyan. Mahirap isubo sa iba ang mga palabas na sigurado naman tayong iluluwa nila. Hindi na rin kailangang banggitin na ang art ay isang bagay na malaya at hindi dapat puwersadong nguyain. Mahaba-habang proseso ng edukasyon sa bansa ang kinakailangan at sana ay may Cinemalaya pa kapag dumating tayo riyan. Ang tingin ko, isang optimized na hakbang na ang pagkakaroon ng screening sa Greenbelt 3 (na ang balita ko pa ay madaragdagan sa susunod na taon)."

3 | Epoy Deyto reviews Lav Diaz' Batang West Side (2001) in response to Alexis' wishes: "I wish Lourd De Veyra would continue writing on actors and cinema."; "I wish Lav Diaz would have larger budgets to maneuver and shoot with. And would work with the ace production designer Cesar Hernando once again."; "I wish Lav Diaz would have larger budgets to maneuver and shoot with. And would work with the ace production designer Cesar Hernando once again."; and "I wish Mike De Leon would make another movie… please."

Epoy said: "Matapang ang sino mang humamon sa kumbensyon. Ang paghamong ito ay isa sa mga gawain ng isang alagad ng sining. Sa paghanap ng kaniyang astetika, hinamon ni Lav Diaz ang pundamental ng Pelikulang Pilipino sa pamamagitan ng Batang West Side."

4 | Michael Edillor writes a personal piece in response to Alexis' whole wishlist.

Michael says: "I’m not saying Alexis Tioseco is a perfect critic. I think he is far from it. But I believe that he is that rare critic who sincerely wants to make things better." Furthermore: "I think that’s how Alexis Tioseco should be remembered. As someone who saw the good and the potential in people. That he believed that Philippine cinema and the country itself can be among the best in the world."

5 | Jo-Marie Bala writes a poem entitled Mirror Image in response to Alexis' wish: "I wish the MMDA didn’t call those circles and boxes Art." and "I wish that MMDA Art wasn’t so much better than every MMFF film."

Jo says:

"Same-old movie series, same-old plans
Of the business-minded producers.
Boastfully, showing-off their floats
Along the road of Roxas Boulevard.
Boring, predictable, and corny;
That’s my own film criticism.
I prefer Brocka’s and indie
Than those redundant art of commercialism."

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